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Jackie Mason obituary: One of the great American comedians

The Irish Times 26 Jul 2021
Jackie Mason (Yacov Moshe Maza). Born. June 9th, 1928. Died. July 24th, 2021 ... Mason, who has died aged 93, was a pioneer of a modern, personalised form of comedy ... He was a friend of the ultra-rightwing rabbi Meir Kahane, but would distance himself from Kahane’s racist views on Arabs, then align himself with the same views in the next breath ... – Guardian. .

Israeli parliament to vote on anti-Netanyahu government on Sunday

The Observer 08 Jun 2021
On Sunday, the veteran incumbent urged rightwing opposition politicians to reject what he called a “dangerous leftwing government”, which he said was the result of the “greatest election fraud in the history of the country”. Netanyahu accuses Bennett of abandoning rightwing voters by partnering with Lapid.

AOC said Marjorie Taylor Greene is 'deeply unwell' after a video of Greene taunting her ...

Business Insider 15 May 2021
Marjorie Taylor Greene in a 2019 video outside Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' office. CNN/Insider Rep ... Rep ... Rep ... Crazy eyes ... Nutty ... Greene's meteoric rise from ultra-conservative rightwing activist to member of Congress has been powered by an outspoken stance against Democratic progressives like Ocasio-Cortez, as Insider's David Levinthal has reported.

At least 10 children and teens among dead in crush at festival in Israel

The Observer 02 May 2021
Ultra-Orthodox Jews gather at the site of the tragedy at Lag Ba’Omer on 30 April ... Netanyahu has long relied on powerful ultra-Orthodox parties as allies ... The coming week is expected to be decisive for his so far unsuccessful efforts to form a coalition government with rightwing and ultra-Orthodox parties.

Jerusalem on edge after clashes between Israelis and Palestinians

The Independent 23 Apr 2021
Violence erupted by one of the entrances to the walled Old City on Thursday night , when ultra-nationalist rightwing Israelis chanting “death to Arabs” took to the streets, while police mounted on horseback, tried to separate them from a counter ...

French nationals refuse embassy call to leave Pakistan

Dawn 18 Apr 2021
ISLAMABAD. The French community in Pakistan is torn between disbelief, fear and annoyance in reaction to their embassy’s call for them to leave the country after Francophobic rioting this week by the now banned ultra rightwing Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) party. Most, it seems, have decided to stay put ... I didn’t expect to go through this.” ... .

Govt bans TLP, to move SC for its dissolution

Dawn 16 Apr 2021
French embassy advises its citizens to leave Pakistan. • PM vows to maintain writ of state. ISLAMABAD. As the government slapped an expected ban on the ultra rightwing Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) for its involvement in terrorism on Thursday, the French embassy, apparently fearing reprisals, advised the French citizens to leave Pakistan ... .

Spat in Spain over bailout of tiny Venezuela-linked airline

Urdu Point 07 Apr 2021
The row is over a 53-million-euro government bailout extended in early March to Ultra Plus, an obscure airline that links Spain with Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela ... Plus Ultra has its headquarters in Madrid but its main shareholders are Venezuelan businessmen who have been denounced by Spain's rightwing opposition having close links to Caracas.

Netanyahu nominated to try to form Israeli government

The Observer 06 Apr 2021
Netanyahu secured 52 recommendations, counting 30 from his rightwing Likud party, plus support from Israel’s two ultra-Orthodox Jewish religious parties and the far-right Religious Zionism alliance. The centrist opposition leader Yair Lapid earned 45 endorsements ... Accordingly, I have decided to entrust him with the task of doing so.” ... He said ... .

Bibi falls short of majority amid Israel vote count

The Times of India 25 Mar 2021
JERUSALEM ... With about 88% of votes counted it appeared that Netanyahu, 71, would have to cobble together a coalition from a combination of rightwing allies, ultra-Orthodox parties, ultra-nationalists, Arabs and defectors to secure another term ... But like Netanyahu’s rightwing bloc it fell short of a governing majority in the 120-member parliament ... .

Netanyahu falls short of a majority and may need help of Arab party to secure ...

The Independent 24 Mar 2021
With nearly 90 per cent of ballots tallied, the results from Israel’s fourth election in two years indicated Netanyahu’s rightwing Likud party and allied ultra-Orthodox and far-right factions, would secure just 52 seats in the 120-member legislature.

Toolkit For Hindutva

Indian Express 27 Feb 2021
International criticism of its management of the farmers’ agitation has presented an unexpected challenge for the Narendra Modi government ... Suddenly, activists of all hues are back in business after being lampooned and marginalised by Trump’s ultra-nationalist, rightwing politics ... Dial back to 2005 ... Indira Gandhi’s “foreign hand’’ theory ... Tags ... Feb 27 ... .

Steve Bannon believed Trump had early stage dementia, TV producer claims

Democratic Underground 16 Feb 2021
Ira Rosen, the author of a new memoir about his work for CBS, Ticking Clock ... “Steve is a big talker, a big gossiper,” Rosen said ... The former investment banker and failed Hollywood producer who came to run the ultra-rightwing Breitbart News website was Trump’s campaign chairman in his 2016 election victory over Hillary Clinton ... .

Great DUers warned us in 2001...

Democratic Underground 11 Feb 2021
rightwing militarists), the same motives (preserving economic/political ... Rightwing Militarists Takeover ... Rightwing Militarists Takeover ... Rightwing Militarists Takeover ... "itself as the most brazenly rightwing of modern times ... head of the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation enthuses, the new crowd.

Letters: Is Trump to blame for Capitol riot?

Star News 26 Jan 2021
EDITOR ... The latest, of course, was his incendiary speech on January 6th that led to the sacking of the Capitol ... More ... This time because Donald Trump's speech said the election was stolen and some of his supporters followed some ultra rightwing people into the Capitol building. Those rightwing people had planned the invasion long before Trump's speech ... .

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