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How do you know the Tories are finished? There’s not a single person left to defend their record

The Observer 13 Jun 2024
David Cameron’s slash-and-burn cuts with social liberal dressing, Theresa May’s national conservatism, Boris Johnson’s tub-thumping rightwing populism, Liz Truss’s ultra-libertarianism, and Rishi Sunak’sconfused culture wars.

Poor reviews, missing product: firms’ anti-woke offerings soak consumers

The Observer 12 May 2024
... operation, in 2022, while last year a Georgia man launched Ultra Right Beer, a rightwing alternative to Bud Light, after the latter ran a limited ad campaign with Dylan Mulvaney, a trans activist.

NSW mulls tighter knife laws, private schools ‘overfunded’, judge rebukes Trump

AOL 16 Apr 2024
Our reporters talk to people living in the area, people who have known the ultra-rightwing bishop for decades, and worshippers at his church who say the intense response to his stabbing comes from his popularity.

Isolated at home and abroad, but Netanyahu isn’t about to go quietly

AOL 07 Apr 2024
Then his major political rival, Benny Gantz, undermined the unity of the wartime government by calling for early elections; Netanyahu’s ultra-Orthodox coalition allies are already angry with him over a row regarding military conscription.

Remembering Trump and Kushner's deadly, evil plan

Alternet 07 Apr 2024
On April 13th, the ultra-rightwing, nearly-entirely-white-managed US Chamber of Commerce published a policy paper titled Implementing A National Return to Work Plan ...News” and rightwing talk radio.

Israeli forces withdraw from Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital after two-week raid

AOL 01 Apr 2024
Netanyahu is entering the most precarious week for his coalition since the war began as a deadline imposed by the Israeli supreme court to end the exemption for ultra-Orthodox students from military conscription was reached on Monday.

The Anxious Generation by Jonathan Haidt – a pocket full of poison

The Observer 21 Mar 2024
In the years since, it has become painfully apparent that the groups most likely to treat ideas as dangerous are the ultra-conservatives who organise book bans – and most of these rightwing activists ...

‘Look at your country! It’s amazing’: Armistead Maupin on moving to London

The Observer 25 Feb 2024
Given Maupin’s own staunchly conservative upbringing – he describes his father, a member of the ultra-rightwing John Birch Society as a “fascist” – did he never feel any residual shame, shame that ...

Starmer Rewards Israel’s Genocide with a Veto on Palestinian Statehood, by Jonathan Cook

The Unz Review 25 Jan 2024
That is the way to bring about peace.” ... Treated like fools ... He has presided over so many rightwing coalition governments – each more extreme than the last – precisely because the ultra-nationalist right is hugely popular with Israeli voters ... ....

Church of England vote is a light for gay Christians

The Observer 26 Nov 2023
Contrary to your claim, the rightwing Partido Popular did not “win the election” ... This country is pursuing a policy that even the ultra-rightwing leadership of Giorgia Meloni in Italy is not contemplating.

Israelis and Palestinians can no longer avoid a fateful choice about their future

The Observer 26 Nov 2023
Two ultra-nationalist, rightwing political parties in the governing coalition originally opposed the deal; Religious Zionism insisted that Hamas was desperate for a pause in the fighting in order to ...

Argentina’s far-right Milei angers Falklands veterans with Thatcher praise

The Observer 13 Nov 2023
Read more ... Milei fell for the bait ... Read more ... Coughs or no coughs, veterans of Argentina’s 1982 war are unlikely to forgive the ultra-libertarian candidate. “Milei is a creation of international rightwing squads who are spreading all over the world ... .

Out in the World: LGBTQ news from Europe and Asia

Washington Blade 13 Nov 2023
Poland has seen a resurgence in the past three years of rightwing religious ultra-conservative groups backed by nationalistic extremists in this heavily Catholic country of 38 million, which have led ...

The Osage want you to know their story doesn’t end with Killers of the Flower Moon

Dissident Voice 27 Oct 2023
This week, director Martin Scorsese releases his film Killers of the Flower Moon ... But the story didn’t end there ... The Kochs have used this wealth to build a fearsome ultra-rightwing force that can create and destroy political careers ... Photograph.

Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon describes the struggles of the Osage people. Here’s why they are still fighting

The Observer 20 Oct 2023
This week, director Martin Scorsese releases his film Killers of the Flower Moon ... But the story didn’t end there ... Kochs have used this wealth to build a fearsome ultra-rightwing force that can create and destroy political careers ... Photograph ... Read more ... .