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Ms Truss’s brand of havoc has got Britain moving… towards the resurgent Labour party

The Observer 02 Oct 2022
The slogan for this week’s Conservative conference is “Getting Britain Moving... One veteran Tory MP reports that a younger colleague “rang me and said. ‘What should we do?’ I replied. ‘Prepare for opposition.’” ... too dangerous to be anywhere near power ... The tone was sober ... They have become the political wing of rightwing, ultra-free market thinktanks ... .

Former US Congressman Ron Paul mocks US neocon ties to Iran riots 'leader'

Press TV 26 Sep 2022
In a Twitter post on Monday, Paul pointed to the close ties between Masih Alinejad -- a commentator for Washington’s official Persian language propaganda network Voice of America (VOA) – and the ultra-rightwing neoconservative elements (neocons) in US politics and ridiculed the notion as “totally legit.” ... ....

Robert Reich: Maybe US mainstream media should begin using the term 'fascism'

Democratic Underground 31 Aug 2022
My tweet about Ron DeSantis provoked outrage in rightwing media – perhaps it hit the nerve of the fascism now taking root in the Republican party? ... I was surprised at the outrage my little tweet provoked in rightwing media.

The facade of Indian democracy

The News International 15 Aug 2022
In 2014, the ultra-rightwing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power and the political landscape of India morphed into saffron terrorism ... The Sangh Parivar provides a ‘canopy’ to all ultra-Hindu nationalist organizations – over 60 of them – epitomized and ...

Letters to the editor | Aug. 12, 2022

Times Standard 12 Aug 2022
Reader urges boycott of local TV stations. I read in the recent Times-Standard (8-3-22) that Imagicomm Communications is now the owner of our local TV stations, KIEM and KVIQ ... The list goes on. These are the rights Christian fundamentalists and Republican legislators are dismantling as we speak, with the help of ultra-rightwing media ... monkeypox ... U.S.

Revelations since Shinzo Abe death shed light on Moonies’ influence

The Observer 01 Aug 2022
It found an immediate ally in Kishi, an alleged war criminal who was never charged, and whose social conservatism and rightwing politics mirrored those ... “The church’s relationship with the LDP’s rightwing factions and its ultra-rightwing policies could come under close scrutiny.”.

Be warned: the Supreme Court has redefined freedom

Press & Guide 27 Jul 2022
Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”.Ronald Reagan, 40th U.S. President ... Heady times, to be sure ... Until now ... Supreme Court ... Donald Trump — through fluke and Senate machinations — was able to appoint three ultra-rightwing individuals to the high court; people hand-picked by the ultraconservative Federalist Society ... I don’t ... .

Biden in crisis mode as specter of one-term Carter haunts White House

The Observer 10 Jul 2022
At an Independence Day barbecue, crises cascading around him, Joe Biden declared that he had “never been more optimistic about America than I am today” ... and one he is struggling to address ... Democrats must put “everything on the table” to keep an “ultra-rightwing and extremist minority from overtaking every major institution in our country,” she said.

'Hopeless': Japan's weak opposition no match for ruling LDP

The Buffalo News 07 Jul 2022
As long as LDP rule continues, experts say that gender equality and diversity issues, such as legalizing same sex marriage and allowing married couples to keep two surnames, will continue to stall because of the party’s small but vocal ultra-rightwing members.

‘Hopeless’: Japan’s weak opposition no match for ruling LDP

Asahi News 07 Jul 2022
Oh, yeah ... These parties, though wildly different in their policies, share a common trait ... As long as LDP rule continues, experts say that gender equality and diversity issues, such as legalizing same sex marriage and allowing married couples to keep two surnames, will continue to stall because of the party’s small but vocal ultra-rightwing members ... .

Netanyahu is standing in the way of stable government - opinion

The Jerusalem Post 26 Jun 2022
Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to play every trick in the game to try and attain his dream government, made up exclusively of the Likud, the ultra-Orthodox parties, religious Zionists, and any new or existing rightwing party that joined the Government of Change.

New Zealand’s once all-powerful farmers split amid anger over Ardern climate policy

The Observer 29 May 2022
For decades, many of New Zealand’s most influential people didn’t hold seats in parliament. They didn’t pass legislation or regulations. They often didn’t even work in the capital, Wellington ... Sue Bradford. Read more ... “We underestimate to our peril the extent to which hard rightwing, ultra-libertarian radicalisation can take root in New Zealand.” ... .

Poland LGBTQ ‘Free Zones’ tossed, UK ranking drops, Pussy Riot singer escapes

Washington Blade 16 May 2022
Poland has seen a resurgence in the past three years of rightwing religious ultra-conservative groups backed by nationalistic extremists in this heavily Catholic country of 38 million, which have led to passage of measures to restrict pride parades and other LGBTQ-friendly events from taking place ... Maria V ... ....

Europe sheds its boring brand of politics

Gulf News 11 Apr 2022
But as Trump, the ultra-populist who has inspired a rightwing trend in many parts of the world since coming to power in a surprising electoral win in 2016, prepares to finally bow out of the political scene in his country and fade away in the oblivion like so many demagogues ...

86 people arrested during transport strike in Spain

Spanish News Today 06 Apr 2022
  ...   ...   ...   ...  . The disparity also contributed heavily to the delay in resolving the dispute, since the Spanish government initially refused to meet with the Platform, at one point referring to them as “ultra-rightwing” and accusing the group of instigating “violent behaviour.”.   ...  . Image ... .

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